How to Charge Water and Elevate Your Workings

Water is the element of change, healing, and life. It is often used in rituals and workings as a symbol, a catalyst, or a vehicle for magic. Charging water means to infuse water with energy. Once charged, the water will diffuse the energy it’s gathered into whatever working it’s used for.   

Charging water can be as easy as setting out water and letting it gather energy or as complex as you want to make it. Like with most magic, it is the intention that makes all the difference. So choose your water and power sources with intent for best results.

Types of water

Any water you collect will have its own energy that it has collected on its journey through the water cycle. Below I’ve listed some common waters that you may want to work with and their properties. If you’ve never charged water before, it is best to start with rain or tap water because they have a neutral, balanced energy.

  • Drinking Water- Safe to drink; whether it’s filtered, bottled water, or tap. Use only safe drinking water when you intend to consume the water.
  • Rain Water- Best for general use but especially good for cleansings.
  • Storm Water – If collected during a storm, can add extra power and strength to a working.
  • Spring Water- Is collected from a natural or man-made spring. Often associated with purity but is also great for workings that involve the self and turning inward.
  • River/Creek Water- Collected from a flowing body of water that often has silt or sediment in it. Excellent for fertility spells as well as workings that call things to you or send things away. 
  • Ocean Water- A broad category of salt waters that include seawater, brackish water, and some swamp waters. Because these naturally contain salt they are cleansing. These waters are also packed with power and the essence of life.
  • Dew- Water that condensates in the morning. Good for fresh starts, new beginnings, and meditations.
  • Snow Melt- Can change properties depending on if it was gathered from a storm or a flurry but overall holds the energies of death before renewal, rest, protection, and cleansing.
  • Sleet/Hail- This is best when you need a working to pack a punch.

Two other types of water that I enjoy working with, I learned about in Byron Ballard’s Staubs and Ditchwater.

  • Ditch Water- “stagnant” water that is often muddy that is “perfect for bindings, for holding information secret and for protection.”
  • Stump Water- Found collected in old stumps and used for healings because “this water holds the essence of the tree.”

I often carry around old spice jars when I hike to collect water or I’ll take a mason jar to the beach with me. You never know when a certain type of water will come in handy, so I tend to have a collection ready for use as needed.

Charging Water with the Sun

The sun is our most abundant source of energy. It represents the masculine, power, clarity, and the element of fire. Charging water with the sun on any day will work well enough, but to really get something worthwhile I’d stick with charging on the solstices or equinoxes.

The Spring Equinox will infuse the water with the energy of new growth and new opportunities whereas the Fall Equinox has the energy of success, fulfillment, and harvest. The Summer Solstice will produce the most powerful water, full of life, zeal, and abundance. The Winter Solstice will create a more contemplative energy, best for recharging, relaxing or reflecting.

Charged Moon Water and Full Moon Water

Water charged with moonlight is often called ‘moon water’ and is the most common way to charge water. Often when people think of moon water, they think of water charged in the full moon.  But deliberately choosing the phase of the moon and even the zodiac sign that the moon is in can affect the properties of the water. Making moon water with moonlight is an easy way to fill up your magic water supply. 

Moon water can be made with any phase of the moon, but using the full moon to create moon water is the most common. This is because the time of the full moon is considered a sacred space. The full moon “riding at her peak” also means that this moon water will be the most potent, especially when compared to other types of moon water. The full moon is also easier to see and work underneath, because it has the most light compared to other phases.

Making Full Moon Water

The full moon is great for any occasion. Full moon water is powerful, balanced, and soothing. This is my go-to for most spells unless I need a specific energy. Most people will charge moon water with a full moon. Moon water from a full moon can be considered your basic moon water. You can use full moon water for just about anything you need charged water for.

Making Waxing Moon Water

The waxing moon is good to use if you want to call things to you, gather resources, or build momentum. The waning moon is the opposite; best for sending things away, letting go, or banishing.

Making New Moon Water

Charging water under a new moon is a bit tricky. Little to no light is reflected from the moon itself so water charged under this moon phase is best for spells involving the self, like self-care, self-reflection, etc. It is also useful for spells involving secrecy or concealment.

Moon Water and the Zodiac

As the moon moves through its phases, it also moves through the zodiac. Every two and a half days the moon changes signs and takes on its properties. Down here in southern Appalachia, I know many farmers who still plant and harvest by the signs. You can use this knowledge to put that extra oomph into your casting. 

  • Aries
    • Rules the head and face
    • Good for spells involving dreams, courage, power, protection, and leadership
  • Taurus
    • Rules the neck and throat
    • Good for spells involving the spread of information, artistic achievement (especially singing), perseverance, and stability
  • Gemini
    • Rules the hands and arms
    • Good for spells involving strength, education, community connections, divination, and luck
  • Cancer
    • Rules the chest and stomach
    • Good for spells involving family and familial love, the home, fertility, and prosperity 
  • Leo
    • Rules the heart and back
    • Good for spells involving emotions, glamors, influence, theater productions, and success
  • Virgo
    • Rules the digestive system and bowls
    • Good for spells involving cleansing, employment or school, finding hidden things, finances
  • Libra
    • Rules the lower back and your sit-upon
    • Good for spells involving teamwork or partnerships, persuasion, balance, contracts, and justice
  • Scorpio
    • Rules the reproductive system
    • Good for spells involving sex, lust, self-defense, secrets, divination, death, and rebirth
  • Sagittarius
    • Rules the hips, thighs, and liver
    • Good for spells involving protection, truth, spirit work, freedom, and travel
  • Capricorn
    • Rules the knees and skeletal system
    • Good for spells involving careers, dominance, discipline, banishments, and strength
  • Aquarius
    • Rules the lower leg, ankles, and circulatory system
    • Good for spells involving friendships, inspiration, unique solutions, cleansings, and groups of people
  • Pisces
    • Rules the feet
    • Good for spells involving spiritual growth, self-improvement, soul journeys, and clarity of others

How to Charge Water

To charge water, you will need to set the water out where the light can reach it in a covered container. I’ve found that mason jars work best for me because the glass lets the moon or sun in while the lid keeps debris out. Some people will use a clear bottle. If you are placing the water outside when it's below freezing, consider using a plastic container to reduce the risk of a shattered jar. An empty bottle or bottled water will work for this. But it’s always best to use what you have on hand instead of buying something new, so think creatively and use your best judgment.

There are three basic steps to charging water but the rest is up to your interpretation and intent. 

Step 1: Cleanse the Container. 

This can be done with a good scrubbing with soap and water or the burning of your favorite herbs. The main objective is to clear the container of any lingering energies.

Step 2: Bless the Water. 

This is where you set your intentions upon the water. Pour your chosen water into your cleansed container and seal. Here you can set up a circle or sacred space if you would like, but it's only necessary if you will be using the water for a very powerful spell. Otherwise just speak your intentions for the water. When I  don’t have a spell in mind, I will say, “I bless this water and call power into its depths.” Short, simple, but very effective.

Step 3: Invoke the Power. 

Here, call upon a deity or celestial body to infuse the water with their power. Here is one of my invocations, “Mother Moon, Goddess of the Sky, bless this water with your strength that your daughter may also be strengthened.”

After these steps, just leave the water out in a safe space over night. In the morning, you will have a jar of fresh full moon water to do with as you please. 


Charging water can be an involved process with a lot of research and preparation involved. So when you do charge water, I recommend that you do it in bulk and then store it for when it’s needed. You should store it away from light and in a clean, water-tight container. Don’t forget to label your water; type of water, what it’s charged with, date it was charged. Mixing up water that is safe to drink with water that isn’t just might end with a bad day for everyone.

Witching you all the best!

Sierra Lin

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