The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: A Beginner’s Guide

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is one of the most popular tarot spreads in use today. It is often used by beginners, but can be adapted to fit any situation. In this blog post, we will discuss the history and meaning of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, as well as how to perform it yourself. We will also provide an example reading to help you understand how the spread works.

The Celtic Cross spread is usually the benchmark of a tarot reader. Any tarot reader worth their salt will be able to perform the Celtic Cross spread as a tarot reading. It consists of ten cards, which represent all the different aspects of a situation: the people, the situations, and the potential outcomes. A standard Celtic Cross layout is easy to perform once you understand what each card means. Let's dive in!

What does each card in the Celtic Cross mean?

The first card, known as the Significator, represents you and your current situation.

The second card is known as the Cross. This card is about the challenges and obstacles you are currently facing.

The third card is known as the Foundation. This card represents the root cause of your current situation.

The fourth card is known as the Past. This card is about the events and circumstances that have led up to your current situation.

The fifth card is known as the Present. This card represents the current state of affairs.

The sixth card is known as the Future. This card is about what will happen if you continue on your current path. This references the near future, but it could also represent the future far from now, too.

The seventh card is known as the Environment. This card represents the people and circumstances surrounding you. These could impact the near future outcome.

The eighth card is known as the Hopes and Fears. This card represents your deepest desires and greatest fears.

The ninth card is known as the Outcome card. The Outcome card represents the potential outcome of the situation. Of course, free will may influence whether or not this outcome card occurs.

The tenth and final card is known as the Significator's House. This card represents the area of life that is most affected by the querent's life and situation.

a celtic cross tarot spread

How to perform the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Now that you know the meaning of each position in the Celtic Cross spread, let's take a look at how to perform the spread yourself. First, shuffle your tarot deck. Second, take a moment to think about the querent's life – whether that's you. Then, you'll draw ten cards from it. Lay the cards out in the Celtic Cross tarot spread (pictured below).

From there, it's time to analyze. It's helpful to have a notebook if you're new to tarot reading, because then you can write down what your immediate insights are. Then, spend time in self awareness and consult your books for specific card meanings. Remember, it's not just the position of the card, but also about the other cards in the tarot spread.

Tarot cards are relational, so at the heart of the matter, each card reveals its truth in relation to the other tarot cards. Again, if you're new to interpreting a tarot spread, consult books, check with friends, and write some stuff down. It'll help you to track your progress. You'll also be able to compare your prediction to the outcome of the present situation.

Final thoughts

The Celtic Cross is a great tarot spread for beginners. The ten card layout covers all the different aspects of a situation, providing you with plenty of information to work with. With practice, you'll be able to interpret this spread like a pro!

Do you have any questions about the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread? Let us know in the comments below!

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