Tarot Card Meanings: The Arcanas Revealed

The tarot is a deck of cards that has been used for centuries to predict the future and provide insight into people's lives. There are two main types of tarot decks- the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 trump cards, and the Minor Arcana consists of 56 suit cards. In this blog post, we will discuss the meanings of each card in both decks!

Chariot tarot card lying among red tulips

How To (Actually) Memorize Your Tarot Deck

There are a lot of solutions out there for memorizing your tarot deck, but they usually concern themselves with memorizing one by one. I'm going to argue that that's not the best way forward to know what each of your tarot cards mean. Instead, you need to work on storytelling with your cards. That is, hands down, the best way to gain a deeper understanding of tarot meanings in both the minor and major arcana.

Instead of struggling with archaic meanings, find a sect of tarot cards where the tarot card meanings seem easy to reach. Like the cards are speaking to you. Memorize that deck, and you'll have a much easier time of it.

Tarot readers are a dime a dozen, but anyone can pick up and do a tarot reading with very little training or even insight. Memorizing your tarot card meanings is one way to set yourself apart from all of the other tarot readings out there. You'll want to practice your art daily, and you'll see improvements quickly.

So, with those memorization tips in mind, here are the general meanings of your tarot deck.

Major Arcana Cards

0 The Fool

New beginnings, optimism, free spirit

I The Magician

Manifestation, skill, resourcefulness

II The High Priestess

Intuition, mystery, subconscious mind

III The Empress

Fertility, abundance, nature

IV The Emperor

Authority, structure, stability

V The Hierophant

Tradition, morality, conformity

VI The Lovers

Love, choices, relationships

VII The Chariot

Victory, assertion, will power

VIII Justice

Control, discipline, balance

IX The Hermit

Introspection, withdrawal, wisdom

X Wheel of Fortune

Good luck, change, karma

XI Strength

Courage, determination, tenacity

XII The Hanged Man

Surrender, release, suspension

XIII Death

Transformation, endings, new beginnings

XIV Temperance

Moderation, balance, harmony

XV The Devil

Temptation, addiction, materialism

XVI The Tower

Disaster, chaos, upheaval

XVII The Star

Hope, faith, inspiration

XVIII The Moon

Illusion, fear, anxiety

XIX The Sun

Success, happiness, vitality

XX Judgement

Renewal, rebirth, closure

XXI The World

Completion, wholeness, journey

The Minor Arcana Suites Meanings


The suit of Cups corresponds with the element of Water and represents our emotions, feelings, and relationships.


The suit of Swords corresponds with the element of Air and represents our thoughts, communication, and intellect.


The suit of Pentacles corresponds with the element of Earth and represents our physical reality, material possessions, and financial security.


The suit of Wands corresponds with the element of Fire and represents our drive, energy, creativity, and passion.

The Numbers Meanings


New beginnings, opportunity, potential


Partnership, balance, cooperation


Creativity, expansion, growth


Stability, security, foundations


Change, challenge, adversity


Harmony, balance, stability in relationships


Journey, exploration, inner questing


Movement, action, progress


Fulfillment, success, achievement


Completion, culmination, harvest


New beginnings, innocence, purity of heart


Nurturing, wisdom, maturity


Action, change, journey


Authority figure, leadership qualities

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