Easy Tarot: How to Read the Cards for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to read the tarot cards? It can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also seem daunting if you are a beginner.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the basics of reading the tarot cards. We will explain what each card means, and we will give you some tips on how to get started. So whether you are a complete beginner or you have some experience with tarot readings, this post is for you!

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Step one: Make tarot reading a daily habit

One of the easiest ways to get started on your personal journey with tarot reading is to use your cards everyday. This will help you to get to know the meanings of the cards, and it will also help you to develop your own intuition.

You can use your cards for guidance, for meditations, or just for fun! There are not any real rules for tarot. Plus, you can make your own easy tarot kit if you want: get a book, a deck, and a fun little case to carry everything in.

Step two: Get to know the meanings of each tarot card

One of the most important things you need to do when learning your tarot deck is to actually spend some time with each card. Whether it's the Minor Arcana cards or Major Arcana cards, getting to know all seventy eight cards (link) is important for tarot readers young and old.

You should take some time to look up the meaning of each card, and then spend some time meditating on that meaning. Try to understand how it applies to your life, and see if you can find examples of it in your day-to-day experiences.

Step three: Practice, practice, practice!

The best way to get better with your tarot deck is to practice. You can use an easy tarot handbook or similar if you need guidance, but really – spending time with your cards is the best way forward. If you can, find a tarot buddy and read for each other on a regular basis.

You can also join tarot forums online, or even start your own tarot meetup group! There are endless possibilities when it comes to practicing your craft – so get creative and have fun with it.

Step four: Read the books you buy!

I've been working with tarot for more than thirty years, with the Rider Waite deck and newer decks too. One of my biggest mistakes has been collecting books instead of reading them about my tarot deck. A tarot card deck shares similarities with every other deck; but tarot meanings will differ.

Step five: Connect with your tarot cards

If you're really having trouble understanding your first tarot deck, there are a few ways that you can connect with the tarot cards. Carry around a card in your pocket or purse – seriously – until you get familiar with its meaning. The traditional tarot has set meanings, but unique energies merge in contemporary decks.

If you're still having trouble, consider buying a different deck. The Beautiful Gilded Tarot Deck might be the perfect deck for your journey. Or, maybe you like the Rider Waite (a traditional tarot deck) for doing the celtic cross, but you really like the Major Arcana found in the Thoth deck. Guess what: you can mix and match!

Final thoughts

You don't need to tackle the Celtic Cross ten card spread with your brand new deck as soon as you start to learn tarot. Instead, make tarot your constant life companion to become a tarot reader.

Learn the cards' meanings, and know the differences between your Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards. Court cards add another layer of complexity, but remember: they're just like your traditional playing cards.

It's not that hard to read tarot cards. It just takes a little patience to become a world class tarot reader.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on learning tarot the easy way. If you've found that our time saving techniques gained you some peace, why not leave it in the comments below? In no time, you'll have gained experience reading tarot cards and you'll be giving out your own advice and personal guidance.

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