20 Witchy Podcasts for 2022

Do you love listening to a witches podcast? If so, then you'll definitely want to add some witchy ones to your playlist! In this blog post, we will discuss some of our favorite witchy podcasts. Whether you're interested in Wicca, paganism, or just want to learn more about witchcraft, there is a podcast for you. So gather your cauldrons and get ready to listen!

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Basic Witches

This podcast features two comedians, Leah Knauer and GG Sauvage, on their journey as witches. This podcast ended in 2021, but episodes are still available for a listen!

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Between The Worlds

If you love tarot, psychology, mythology, and pop culture, you'll love this one. Host Amanda Yates Garcia and a series of guests give you a little witchy snack each and every month.

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Earth Speak

Host Natalie Ross leads listeners on a journey to connecting to their intuition, spirit guides, and the divine. Episodes feature creative magic makers, solitary practitioner work, and bewitching conversation.

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Elder Hour

Juliet Diaz and Chelsea Selby take on plants in this green magic, wand waving podcast. Who knows, you might even find out the magical properties of one of your favorite plants. Spell on, green witch!

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Fair Folk

Fair Folk is a podcast that shares sacred song and folk traditions of Europe. Since many witchy traditions come from Europe, you'll leave each episode feeling empowered about your own strange magic and Wiccan world. A great way to cross modern witchcraft and ancient wisdom. Fair Folk has been on hiatus since July 2021, but episodes are still available to listen to.

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Fat Feminist Witch

If you're looking for someone who's examining witchcraft through a feminist perspective, this is the podcast for you. Host Paige skewers tropes and talks to fellow witches about their creative projects. Perfect for the magical critical thinker.

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Glitter Cast

This podcast features celebrity ghost stories from professional psychic Renee Watt. She also chats astrology and other paranormal topics for the modern witch. If you're interested in the psychic side of things, this witch podcast is for you. The last published episode is from November 2021, so they may be taking a bit of a break.

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Hippie Witch

This is an archived podcast, but episodes are still available on Google Podcasts. Check them out:

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How To Survive The End Of The World

This is one of those podcasts I just can't get enough of. They offer learnings from the “end of the world” (Hello, COVID!) with dignity, grace, rigor, and curiosity. They are continuing their publishing well into 2022, so stay tuned for the latest episodes.

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Lil Black Witch

This is an old podcast that seems to have sunset, but it featured soul centered entrepreneurs Joi and Praxie as they explored magical life.

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Modern Witch Podcast

An interview and discussion based show, Modern Witch had rave reviews for its lifespan. The last time it was published was in April 2022, so they're likely on hiatus or retired. Either way – episodes are still available for listening!

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If you're into the paths of Wicca/Witchcraft that deal heavily with magic, this is the podcast for you. From covens, solitary practitioner work, and everything in between, you'll find a show for the modern witch in Moonbeaming.

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Queer Witch

Queer witches need a home, too. This podcast is perfect for queer witches everywhere. Even though they're no longer releasing new episodes, the Queer Witch was a great try at something a little different from host Anna Joy.

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Rise Up! Good Witch

A great, active podcast from progressive witches. From literal magic to mental health, this podcast covers it all. Even seasoned readers and listeners will find something new here.

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Seeking Witchcraft

From beginner witches to the best creative magic makers, Seeking Witchcraft is a way for you to refresh your Wicca and witchcraft basics. Get your witch doctorate right here!

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Serpent Cast

The Serpent Cast is an archived podcast exporing religion, sexuality, and everything in between.

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So You Wanna Be A Witch

This podcast has been renamed and reworked as the Holistic Business podcast, but it's a first among witch podcasts for dealing with business and entrepreneurship in witchcraft. Take a listen:

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Tarot Bytes

Great for learning more about tarot. Beginner witches and experienced practitioners alike will love this short magical meal of tarot.

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The Witch Wave

The Witch Wave is probably the most popular witchcraft podcast out there for fellow witches. Host Pam Grossman speaks with guests about current events, art, and craft.

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What's Your Sign

If you love astrology, you'll love this podcast. It's comedy meets star signs in this podcast geared for astrology lovers AND haters.

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Final Thoughts About Witchy Podcasts

If you're interested in diving deeper into the world of witchcraft, give some of these podcasts a listen. From business to pleasure, there's a little something for everyone. And if you're not sure where to start, I recommend The Witch Wave or What's Your Sign? Happy listening!

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