How to Get Rid of Someone: Spell For A Peaceful Life

Do you have someone in your life that you just can't stand? Someone who is always causing drama and making your life miserable? If so, there may be a spell that can help get rid of them for good! In this blog post, we will discuss the steps involved in performing this spell, as well as some of the benefits. So if you're ready to say goodbye to that troublesome person once and for all, keep reading!

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The basics of spell casting

A spell caster is someone who believes in and practices magic. Many people who practice magic have different morals about casting spells, and such a spell may be a gray area for many spell casters.

In any case, clearly – you're reading because you're curious about this type of spell casting. Consider a situation where you're being bothered or bullied by a specific person. In this situation, it seems appropriate to cast spells that will protect you or banish negative energy from your life. Such spells are not inherently harmful, as long as the spell caster does not have harmful intent behind them.

The safest way to do a spell like this is just like you would a marriage spell or love spell. You'll want to be sure that your banishment spell (or any love spell, really) is focused on YOU and not someone else. When you start to cast spells “on” other people is when it becomes sticky and problematic.

What do you need to cast this spell?

The three main things you need for spell casting are:

  • An intention or goal – important for even an experienced spell caster
  • A focus or visualization – even though this is somewhat negative energy, you'll need to stay focused
  • Energy – a source of energy to represent the action you want, like a black or pink candle that you will snuff out to represent their banishment.

Your intention is what you want the spell to achieve. For example, if you want the person to leave your life, your intention would be something along the lines of “I wish for this person to no longer be in my life.”

A spell caster should be very sure of what they want before they cast such spells, because unintended consequences can be surprisingly harsh.

How to cast the spell

A simple spell will work as well as a complicated one, because the most potent spells have an experienced spell caster behind them. A love spell or breakup enchantment will work because of the caster's intention – not because the recipe they have is somehow better than yours.

Keep in mind, this is not a “black spell” or “voodoo magic” – this is simply a banishment spell. It is best to do this as the full moon wanes, so that you can capture that banishing and cleansing energy.

When you're ready, clear a space and clear your mind. Work immediately to light a candle, then speak your intentions. Light the candle and say, “Universe, I have a problem. ______ is causing serious issues in my life and making me feel unsafe. With this candle, I banish ____ from my life.”

Either snuff the candle or let it burn down while you meditate about them leaving your life. When you're done, bury or dispose of the candle. Spell work doesn't have to be complicated to be effective.

The aftermath of casting the spell

Assuming you've done the spell correctly, you may find that the person in question starts to distance themselves from you. They may no longer call or text as much, and their invitations for hangouts will become less frequent. In some cases, they may disappear entirely!

It's important to not get your hopes up too high, as it may take some time for them to work themselves out of your life. You are working against free will and whatever other baggage they're bringing along.

Tips and warnings

Keep in mind, too, that this should not be used as a substitute anti-love spell or breakup enchantment. If you have a cheating partner, get rid of them the old fashioned way: just break up with them. Use all your enchantments to build up confidence to do things in a mature and adult fashion.

No love spell or breakup enchantment will work as well as you taking action all by yourself to begin, repair, or end a romantic relationship.

Finally, if you feel seriously, physically unsafe – do more than magic. Get a safety plan. Reach out for professional help if you're being abused. Magic is for minor things, not for abusive or dangerous relationships.

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