The 3 Best Tarot Decks for Beginners in 2022: Which One Is Perfect For You?

Tarot is a centuries-old form of divination that can be used for guidance in all aspects of life. If you're just starting out, it can be difficult to know which deck is the best for you. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best tarot decks for beginners and discuss what makes each one unique. Whether you're looking for a traditional deck or something more modern, we have got you covered!

Your first tarot deck can be a really intimidating purchase. You know what the Rider Waite deck looks like, but none of the cards seem to make sense to you. Maybe you like the idea of a classic tarot deck, but modern decks are always so pretty. You just don't know what to choose! Don't worry – we've got you covered. We'll work it out together!

Beginner Tarot Cards – Best of Traditional Decks: The Rider Waite Smith Deck

Rider Waite Smith tarot is the gold standard of tarot. It's what everyone else's cards are based on. If you've never owned a tarot card deck before, you can't go wrong with this popular tarot deck. The tarot card meanings are worked out well in many tarot books, and you'll be able to apply your knowledge to so many decks beyond this one when you're done.

The Rider Waite Smith deck is also in the public domain, which means that you can make your own Rider Waite Smith tarot deck with some cardstock and coloring tools. The Rider Waite deck is a great deck for a beginner's tarot journey. Most Rider Waite Smith decks do come with both a deck and guidebook to make your tarot learning journey easier.

Finally, you may see the Rider Waite deck abbreviated as the RWS deck. Don't worry – it's still Rider Waiter cards. People just get lazy when they're typing.

rider waite tarot

Best Alternative Tarot Cards: The Thoth Tarot Deck

If you want to get off the beaten path, the Thoth deck might be the way to go. It can be a little intimidating as a first deck, but there are many fans of Crowley out there, so there's plenty of advice and insight about these cards. The cards are coauthored by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris.

These cards are chock full of inner wisdom, and often include hidden symbols. It's the perfect deck for someone looking to explore the wild unknown. If I had to choose, I would use the Thoth cards as my second deck, and recommend that beginning readers begin with the Rider Waite cards.

Best Tarot Card Decks For Modern Readers

There are hundreds of other decks out there for the curious tarot reader. Learning tarot is going to be a lot easier if you like the deck that you're working with, so don't be afraid to choose a popular deck instead of the Rider deck. You can read tarot with just about any set of cards, so choose the right deck for you.

My own tarot deck is lost to the sands of times. It's a green deck with modern illustration. The tarot meanings are well known to me at this point. I think I probably got those cards in the early to mid 2000s in a Barnes and Noble or a Border's book store.

Without being able to recommend my own deck, I'm going to recommend the Wild Unknown deck instead. They've got beautiful art and an intuitive tarot reading process. It's a beautiful first deck, and they include a guidebook for decks for beginners. Even if it's not your first, the Wild Unknown deck will make a great addition to your shelf.

Reminders for tarot reading

If this is your very first tarot deck, remember to be patient with yourself. Decks for beginners are tough, even if they're not as tough as traditional tarot card decks. A tarot reader grows in strength every time they tackle the major arcana or minor arcana with pride. Use your deck daily, and your cards will begin to speak to you.

Whenever you get a new deck, be sure to cleanse and charge it before your start reading tarot. This will help ensure that you're getting the answers you need from your first tarot deck.

And, keep in mind: the best tarot card decks for you are going to be the tarot decks based on things that interest you. If you're super into cats, seek out the tarot deck that calls to you. You're more likely to read tarot if you like the tarot deck that you're using.

Did you end up buying one of these tarot decks? What other tarot cards do you use in your daily practice? Let us know in the comments below!

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