Transgender Witches: Are new religious movements tolerant?

In modern witchcraft, there is no one true way of doing things. The gender binary is an outdated way of looking at gender. In the last few decades, queer identities have blossomed in the witchy world. We're proud to be non-binary and witchy in 2022.

Here's what you need to know about witchcraft and LGBTQ people.

Even though there's a male-female polarity in traditional documents, that doesn't mean we're trapped in gender essentialism!

Language has changed through the decades, but acceptance and tolerance have not. Witchcraft has always welcomes its lesbian & gay siblings; welcoming non-binary siblings is no different.

nonbinary comes in all flavors

Modern feminism means rejecting the status quo

Modern feminism is about acceptance: of queer people, of sexual orientation, and trans people. Disrupting the power structures is at the core of what we do. We will not be kept from performing our craft.

We reject violence against non-binary and trans people – especially witches.

While many religions have a history of violence against gay and trans people, they often look the other way when it comes to magic.

Tolerance is the new religion: we're here, we're queer, get used to it! Witchcraft has always been an accepting religion, and stretching the gender binary is firmly in line with those beliefs.

We lift up the personal power of queer people

Traditional Wicca may have accidentally excluded trans people, but trans people have always been witches. Gender bending is a witchy act in itself.

Many gay men first found their home among other queer people in witchcraft. Many lesbians were first able to speak their truth. No matter the tradition, non-binary people have always found homes in ritual, magick, and Wicca.

We reject exclusionary practice

Very occasionally, branches of Wicca may restrict their membership to only women, only men, or only binary gender. We believe this is wrong. It limits the gods, suffocates spirituality, and creates needless conflict between all genders of witches.

Regardless of gender or sexuality, all witches deserve to practice their religion, join a coven, and participate in ritual as their true selves. Positive energy flows where truth is found.

That's really it. Witchcraft is tolerant – and if it's not, it's probably not a good practice.

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