5 Must-Read Quality Tarot Books For 2022

Tarot reading is a practice that is becoming more mainstream and accepted by the masses, but there are still many people who don't know much about it. So to help those people out, here are 7 must-read tarot books for 2022!

Whether you're looking for a book to help you improve your tarot practice, you want to explore holistic tarot, or maybe you just want to learn some new tarot spreads: we've got a book for you. These books are guaranteed to help you on your tarot journey.

Everyone glances through the book that comes with their tarot deck, but these tarot books hold a wealth of information for any beginning or expert tarot reader. Let's get started!

Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom By Rachel Pollack

The first book on our list is an essential part of any tarot practice. The book provides in-depth meaning of each card, examining it from several differing aspects in terms of the symbolism, mythological, astrological, numerological, historical and psychological.

This book is perfect for both people who are just beginning, as well as people who have years of experience under their belts. We love the way it provides different points of view for each card, giving you a well-rounded understanding for multiple situations.

Guided Tarot By Stefanie Caponi

This next book definitely falls into the holistic tarot practice realm. Stefanie does a great job of walking you through how to connect to your cards, what a modern tarot practice looks like, and why just about anyone can become an expert tarot reader.

We love this book because of how it connects tarot card meanings to our lives. It really does feel like learning a whole new language. Every time I return to this book, I find a new cluster of advanced tarot secrets.

The Ultimate Guide To Tarot By Liz Dean

This 2015 tarot book doesn't feel that old, although it's been around for nearly a decade now. Tarot readers both new and old will find something of interest in this book, whether it's new tarot spreads, or just plain old personal growth.

We love this tarot book because it is perfect for both people who are just beginning, and even people with a few years of practice. It provides different points of view for each card, giving you a well-rounded understanding for multiple situations. Your tarot readings will benefit from this book.

The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot By Skye Alexander

If you're mostly interested in the witchy-ness of tarot, this is the tarot book for you. Skye Alexander is direct and to the point, and does a great job of connecting the dots for you. Tarot spreads are more than fun in this book – they're religious practice. Not many tarot books are this explicit about witchcraft, so it's a refreshing surprise.

We think this tarot book is great for any tarot reader, but those with a deep connection to the sacred are going to benefit the most. Even experienced tarot readers might find a gem in here.

Intuitive Tarot By Brigit Esselmont

We'll return to a holistic tarot journey with this final tarot book. Tarot readers of all sorts will delight in how this tarot book connects our intuition with our cards. After all, even the tarot spread you choose has meaning.

We loved this book because it made it feel more real. Tarot readings are about more than just the cards – they're about our intuition and the messages we receive. Brigit does a great job of teaching you how to connect with your intuition, and how to read tarot in a way that is personal for you.

Other Suggestions?

We'd love to add more books here, so if you've got tarot books that have helped you on your way, let us know in the comments below!

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