Seven Great Health Benefits of Meditation

The health benefits of meditation are well known. From healing chronic pain to stress reduction, a daily meditative practice can cure a lot of what ails us. If you're looking for ways to improve your mental and physical health, mindfulness meditation is key to your well being.

In this article, I'll share reasons that you might consider meditation as a daily practice. Mindfulness training can provide many health benefits, and you'll live a happier, healthier life. Let's get into it right now.

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What is mindfulness meditation?

Meditation is a mental discipline where you train the mind to observe thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and sensation without judgment. This helps you control your reactions to internal stimuli (feelings) and external stimuli (sound, smell, touch).

It's easy to get overwhelmed by stress when we feel like we're at the mercy of our internal emotional health. Mindfulness is a way to bring ourselves back to center. This improves our mental health, calms our minds, and keeps our bodies at peak operating levels.

Benefit of mindfulness meditation: Mental health

In today's world, so many of us need to use our minds at work and at home. This is why mental health is key. If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed; it can affect your daily life and reduce your quality of existence. Meditation is an excellent way to manage your mental health and improve the quality of your life.

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Benefit: Mindfulness based stress reduction

Lots of things contribute to mental health, including your stress levels. Mindfulness based stress reduction happens when you use your meditation training to ease the struggles you've got in your current life. The mental health benefits of this stress reduction will be long lasting.

Benefits of meditation: Lowering blood pressure

Stress, mental health, age, and physical health can all contribute to health indicators like blood pressure. That's why it can be useful to put yourself on a regular stress relief routine.

Meditation does this by slowing the heart rate, reducing your blood pressure and calming your nervous system.

Your blood pressure won't lover overnight, but consistent meditation training will help you reap the most benefits of meditation that you can – including effects on your blood pressure. Over time, your blood pressure will lower as you care more deeply for your physical health.

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Benefit of mindfulness meditation: Reducing anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in western countries like the U.S., England and Australia. You can reduce your overall levels of anxiety with mindfulness meditation. If you're struggling to do it on your own, you could even consider a mindfulness meditation app.

By living in the present moment, you'll be tricking your brain into reducing symptoms of your generalized anxiety or social anxiety disorder. Hold your brain responsible for its habits and work to reduce your psychological stress.

Benefits of meditation: Treat chronic pain with mindfulness training

Did you know that studies have found that mindfulness meditation can work as well as medication for chronic pain? That's right – chronic pain partly lives in the brain.

So practicing mindfulness is part of an integrative health strategy that can reduce pain and increase positive emotions. There are many meditation techniques out there that will provide the many health benefits associated with reducing your pain levels.

As you age, your brain will slowly lose its ability to recall events. Practice meditation to prevent or slow age related memory loss. Research suggests that mindfulness techniques work as well as cognitive behavioral therapy to improve our memory recall.

Benefits of mindfulness meditation: Spiritual health

Another benefit to consider is the emotional benefits of meditation. If you're interested in transcendental meditation, it can be a really great way to connect with the divine.

Practicing transcendental meditation can be challenging to learn, but research suggests that its a powerful meditation technique indeed.

Other health benefits when you practice meditation

We've heard from readers that their meditation practice has cured so much. One reader even reported that their irritable bowel syndrome symptoms were eased with regular meditation.

Mindfulness has made its way into so many areas of integrative health. There's even mindfulness based cognitive therapy!

What are your favorite benefits of meditation therapies? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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