A Spider Spiritual Meaning: How Spiders are More Beautiful than Scary

If you ask the average person what one of their fears is, a lot of them will say spiders. Not only are they important for the earth, but they also have a lot of beautiful meanings behind their existence as well. Different cultures see spiders in contrasting beliefs, a repeating theme across cultures is patience and strength.  The metaphysical meaning of spiders can vary throughout your life. What do spiders mean spiritually? That's what we'll find out below!

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The Beauty of Spiders Across The World

From Egypt to African folklore, Greek mythology, and more, Spiders have been seen as an important spiritual being throughout many ancient cultures. In Egypt, spiders symbolized the “goddess named Nit or Neith who was said to have been the goddess of weaving, war, and hunting” – basically, an ancient spider woman.

She is also seen as a mother figure and was the one who wove the earth into existence. In African folklore, spiders are seen as mischievous and sly, and much of their folklore is about cautionary life lessons. Anansi is a well known folklore, his name from the Akan language even means spider, and he is depicted as being very wise. In Greek Mythology spiders are also seen as creators from the beautiful webs they weave. The myth of Arachne explains how they think spiders came to be. 

What do different spider colors mean?

With so many species of spiders that are on this planet, it's expected that we can find a wide range of colorful spiders. Seeing a specific color spider or a spider's web can mean a multitude of things and these sections will clarify what those meanings are. 

Black Spider Meaning 

Formality, rebellion, and mystery. Seeing a black spider can be a nice reminder that you have the right to keep some things to yourself, and to also go with what your heart desires, even if it is different than what others around you may desire.

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Brown Spider Meaning

 Stability and grounding. A brown spider can mean you may need to get in touch with something in your life and pay respects to the little things in life that keep you grounded. 

Brown and black spider on white concrete wall

Gray Spider Meaning

 Balance and peace. Gray Spiders may mean you need to slow down and bring some calmness into your life, and it can trigger the idea to go with the flow in life, and not stress about things you cannot control.

Red Spider Meaning

Wealth, passion, and adventure. Red spiders mean you must keep your eyes and ears open to potential situations. You may need to protect someone close to you or even yourself from incoming stresses and incidents. It may also mean you have an opportunity coming your way, be careful not to miss it! 

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Orange Spider Meaning

 Joy, wellness, and creativity. Orange spider symbolism is a fantastic way to remind yourself to always be creative in all aspects of your life. You can check to see if your life is in balance as well when it comes to your health. 

Yellow garden spider spiritual meaning

Optimism and prosperity. Any species of yellow spiders are a sign of good luck and shows you may have an opportunity to bring more happiness into your life.

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Green Spider Meaning

 Emotions, fresh starts, and fertility. A strong symbol of growth, green spiders remind us that we have the power to manifest anything we need to grow to become better human beings.

Blue Spider Meaning

Wisdom, loyalty, and faith. Blue spiders affirm the idea that it's important to be the bigger person sometimes, and that we must pick and choose our battles.

Purple Spider Meaning

Royalty, peace, and devotion. These spiders can remind us that our dreams are possible to reach, but it cannot happen without the dedication and the resilience to keep trying despite the obstacles. 

White Spider Meaning

A white spider can represent newness and the power of the sun. These spiders can remind us of the wheel of time, the circle of life. They help us take chances, spin our own spider webs.

What is the spider symbolism of different species?

What running into a spider's web means:

Running into a spider's web can be a scary or startling experience, especially because a spider represents danger to so many of us. But a spider's web is a thing of beauty, not of terror. Use the spider web to remind yourself to be aware of your surroundings.

Spider web

What does a spider dream mean for me?

You're having a nice peaceful dream, and then: a spider appears! What does it mean? It could mean that a spider is your power animal. It could also mean that the spider or the spider's web represents something new or unexpected in your life. You'll need to reflect back on the spiritual meaning of spiders in your life to figure out what it all means.

Black widow spider symbolism

Black widows are semi reclusive spiders, and seeing one shouldn't be cause for concern. Even seeing a widow spider weaving a web is a thing of wonder, not danger. Black widows are beautiful, and you should consider yourself lucky or blessed to witness one in the wild. The black widow spider spirit is strong and resourceful. 

They are also willing to defend their territory – so keep small children and pets away from the areas where you have black widows. Safety first. 

What does it mean if I see a jumping spider?

Unlike most spiders, a jumping spider weaves no web. Jumping spiders are usually small and active spiders, crawling along the floor or ground until they find prey. Much like big cats, they pounce on their prey. Jumping spider energy is fun, active, stealthy, and powerful.

What does it mean to see a wolf spider?

These are big, crawling spiders that have a similar hunting style to jumping spiders. A wolf spider's a fierce little companion in your life: it represents courage, virility, and primal instinct.

What does it mean if I see a spider climbing or a spider crawling?

With eight legs, you're bound to see a spider climbing or crawling through your life. Observe the spider in its natural habitat: what is it doing? How does it make you feel?

What's the difference between wolf spiders and a huntsman spider or daddy long legs?

Did you know that not all “spiders” are spiders? Some “spiders” are arachnids, but they're not spiders. They come from a different evolutionary family! Daddy long legs don't produce silk, and they have a different number of eyes, even though they do still have eight legs like actual spiders. 

What does it mean if I have a spider bite?

Text here – but note that most “spider bites” are actually just allergic reactions to something, and not actually from spiders, who rarely bite.

What is a spider tattoo meaning?

Are you thinking about a spider tattoo? Spiders can represent the Great Mother, mystery, courage, or any other number of things – it really depends on the species and color of the spider. Even if you get a tattoo, be sure that you're aware that you shouldn't refer to it as your spider totem animal or spirit animal if you're not Native American. Why? Read on to find out why the phrase “spirit animal” is trouble for white people.

Is a spider my spirit animal?

If you're not Native American, then you can't have a spider spirit animal. A spider spirit animal is reserved for indigenous peoples. Similarly, using the phrase “Spider totem” is problematic.  

Instead of using the term “spider spirit animal”, you can use “spider power animal” or “patronus” to represent how you feel about spiders. Because using the term “spider spirit animal” is just problematic, you don't want that type of energy on you as you move through the world. Consider alternatives to the phrase “spider spirit animal” — especially if you are white. 

Even if you can't use a particular phrase, a spider could be your power animal, and if a spider appears, it could be significant in your life. Keep your eyes open.

How to use spiders in your manifestation

Spiders are beautiful and mysterious, and when left alone they can be admired and help to point you in the right direction on this confusing planet. Pay attention to the spiders around you and remember what each type can mean so you can look out for any changes in your life and know how to tackle them when these changes challenge you. 

If you're scared of spiders, then to you, spiders symbolize courage. The spiritual symbolism of spiders will change depending on how you view spider symbols, so keep an open mind. 

Next time you see a spider hanging out in your space, don't be so quick to try and squish it, but appreciate it. A spider reminds us of the sanctity of life. The spider symbolism can really influence what you decide to do. Maybe even safely place the spider outside! After all, they may be scary, but they are very helpful to our planet and the balance of nature. 

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