Your Free Guide: Making A New Witches’ Starter Kit

Are you beginning your magical practice? Looking for more information about what you need to spend your money on to make your own witch kit? You've come to the perfect place.

Ultimately, a witch starter kit is what you make of it: all you really need is a willing mind and heart. But things like a nice notebook, some candles, and some sort of divination tools will also help quite a bit.

You know, when I first started looking into providing a resource like this, I was starting to find articles decrying the practice in 2018. Turns out, Sephora actually tried to monetize our religion by offering a “Witch Starter Kit” that contained tarot cards, quartz, and of course, some perfume. I don't need to tell you how offensive that is – but it resulted, expectedly so, in massive backlash.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, there's a lot of ways to do a witch starter kit wrong. For example, seeking out white sage is a big no-no nowadays, as it is sacred to indigenous people and also is a rare and endangered plant.

Anyway, let's get onto what you can do right with your starter witch kit. If you're gathering materials for a friend, make sure you get their preferences before you start buying. The things that you like may not be the same for them.

Up First: The Book Of Shadows

One of the most sacred tenets of Wicca and Witchcraft is to keep a Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadows is a religious journal where you record your stories, experiences, and history as a witch. It's a place for victories and failures. Enlightenment and explanations. Something to pass onto the next generation of witches.

A book of shadows is a personal journal of a witch. It includes spells, rituals, lore, and other information that is important to their belief system or spiritual practice.

The Book of Shadows was often the spiritual autobiography of a witch for use in casting spells and conveying ritual instructions, but could also include records of divinations, descriptions of dreams, religious texts, folk tales and recipes.

Your Book of Shadows does not need to be made of any particular material. Your closest bookstore or online retailer will sell lots of high quality journals that you can use. As you're shopping, put the intention out into the world so that you draw the right kind of power to you and your experience.

woman writing in a book of shadows

Six Candles For A Basic Circle

The four cardinal directions are North, South, East and West. These are also know as the “Four Corners” of our planet. The colors you need for these candles can vary depending on what direction you want to work with.

To cast a circle though, you generally need six candles: one for each of the four elements, plus two for the God and Goddess, lightness and darkness – whatever floats your boat. The last two are your center candles.

Green works well for North because North represents the earth. Yellow is great for East because the East represents the wind and air. South takes the red candle, for fire; and West wraps up with a blue candle for water. Most folks will choose two white or one white and one black candles for the center of their circle.

If you're poor, you don't need candles. If you can't find the colors, really – any color works fine. And please, use candles safely. If you have pets, you may want to consider using LED lighted fake candles instead. It's safer.

Lighted candles in a circle

Crystals For Connection And Spells

Many people associate crystals with paganism, but actually they are just one of the many tools used by pagans. Crystals offer a variety of benefits to these practitioners because their individual properties can be tailored to suit different needs. Crystals have different properties associated with them, which can be used to support spells and rituals.

For example, amethyst is well known for helping people sleep better and providing calm energy in general. This makes it perfect for meditation or other activities where you want to feel relaxed and focused on the task at hand instead of anxious.

Quartz is great for healing spells because it amplifies intentions and helps focus energy in a specific direction so that your spell works more effectively than if you were trying without any sort of physical guidance like this stone provides.

Onyx is often used in exorcisms since black stones are powerful against negativity; wearing onyx can help you feel more guarded and safe in your day to day life. No matter the crystal you choose, expect its power to speak to you over time.

A few small dishes

The last thing you really need to get your practice off the ground is a few small dishes for your circle casting and ritual work. If you purchase these from a thrift store, be sure to cleanse them before you start working with them. You'll save yourself a lot of pain that way.

At minimum, you'll need a dish for salt, water, and the combination of the two. It may also be helpful to have a dish for the North and West points, for some earth and water representation. If you've got a 3d printer, you could print dishes! Or if you're tight on money, thrift stores are a great option for these.

BONUS: Divination Tools

The final thing that you might consider adding to a kit is something for divination. Your kit could use runes, a tarot deck, or maybe even a scrying sphere. Use whatever speaks to your magic and sense of self the most. Don't let fear stop you from trying something new: this is your moment.

Practitioners of paganism have tools that are used for both rituals and spells. The more you work with these tools, the more familiar you will become with them, which makes it easier to narrow down your needs. If you're just getting started, though, it can be helpful to have everything on hand so that if an opportunity arises, you will have something to experiment with.

Person holding tarot cards for free witches starter kit

Where can I buy all of this stuff?

First off – you can make so much of it. But, if you're short of time, you can always go to Etsy. Etsy has some of the best resources for budding pagans out there. You can also search for Native American owned businesses to find your herbs, crystals, or other items.

Witch kits can be stocked in many different ways. I'd stay away from eBay and Amazon if you can – those retail giants won't have the same hand craft touches that Etsy will. In this age of online operated businesses, it's easy to find something for everyone.

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