How To Do Light Magic

Light can be used as a source of energy or heat, but it's also been shown to have properties that can heal both your body and mind when properly utilized by an experienced practitioner. Light therapy has even been shown to help with depression! “Light” magic and “White magic” are often interchangeable, and we'll take a look at how you can create your own white magic spells right here and now.

Light is a powerful force in the world, and there are many ways for you to harness its power. In this blog post, we're going to explore some of these methods.

light candles for light magic

What is white magic? Is there black magic?

There are some magical traditions that believe in “white” and “black” magic as a way to separate out the types of spell work that you can do. Not every magical user believes in this concept – some believe magic is inherently neutral.

Regardless, the concept of white magic spells is pretty simple: white magic, or light magic, represents positive energy. The “opposite” of this is black magic, which would represent spells with negative energy.

Is the white magic / black magic concept problematic?

Yes. In the United States, this concept of white being good and black being bad plays right into racist stereotypes and structural racism. While this is most common in the US, many other countries controlled by colonizers experience this problem.

In a racist world – that we all live in – constantly referring to something considered “good” as white magic reinforces the believe that all things white are good. This has obvious subliminal implications, and can reinforce unconscious biases that we all have.

What can we say instead of white magic?

The best thing we can do as witches is to avoid using the term “white magic” altogether. There are many alternatives to use to “White magic” that will allow us to name our rituals, power, or craft appropriately.

That's why we're recommending that folks just be more specific instead of relying on “white magic” and “black” to describe their spell work. Black and white magic are not inherently good and evil. Instead, you should talk about the intentions of the magic that you're performing.

Is “light magic” as problematic as “white magic”?

Yes and no. As much as people associate white magic with light, there will be an inherent association. But light can be many different colors, which means that when we're talking about light, it may not just be white magic. It could be blue or yellow magic, too. This makes light magic slightly less problematic than calling something “white magic.”

Whether you're channeling light or lighting a candle, light magic can be a powerful experience for all witches, regardless of belief.

white candle and rose quartz could help lighten your mood

Can I make my own spell with light magic?

Yes, making your own spells is very easy. Creating your own rituals is an important development on your path as a witch. Your knowledge of spells will influence how you do a magic spell, but with clear intentions, you can do anything.

Reasons to create a white magic spell:

You might just need some positivity in your life, or maybe you need a cleansing. Whatever the need, the mother goddess can help you channel light magic for all of your magic spells.

To create a very basic light magic spell, you'll need the following:

  • A focus or intention. This could be something like “I want to attract love into my life” or “I need help with healing.”
  • Some form of light. This could be a candle, the sun, or even a computer screen.

That's really the only knowledge you need to pull power from light. Visualize your focus and intention while using the light source, and boom! You've cast a very simple magic spell that should help you with whatever you need.

Meditating with Light Magic

Light magic is also great for meditation. Meditation about light can bring you a sense of luck, calm, and connection to nature. Western traditions of meditation are different, but you can still get the value from meditating on a source of light.

By focusing on light, you will be able to let other things fall to the wayside and experience the calmness of your own power. Daily practice will help you the most for meditating on light. Make daily rituals out of meditation and spells, and you will strengthen your own beliefs and faith in the universe.

Light is a powerful tool for all witches, and you can use it in your spellwork or meditation. While “white magic” may be problematic, there are many alternatives to consider when naming rituals or spells that relate to the energy of light.

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