5 Steps: How To Connect To Your Masculine Energy

So, chances are if you connect to the Goddess, you've also connected to some masculine energy as well. If your connection is primarily with the Goddess, that's okay – we all connect differently and we can work with both energies at once. If you always find yourself connecting to the Goddess, maybe it's time to take a turn with the Gods. Here are some ways to feel connected to the All-Father – Zeus, Odin, whoever you call on.

Feeling disconnected from male energy? Here are some ideas to help you connect to your masculine energy!

1. Examine Your Prejudices Against Men

Oh boy, I just jumped right in. Depending on your background, you may have certain ideas about men, masculinity, and even about “God” himself that are based in stereotypes and not reality. Sometimes we can connect with our masculine energy, and then we forget that it doesn't really mean what we think it means and proceed to connect with the wrong ideas.

For example: if you were raised in a culture that treated men as superior, you might accidentally connect with this idea of superiority because that's how you were raised. But God doesn't exist to be set one gender above the other. After all, masculine energy should complement, not dominate, your life.

Not all men are domineering, abusive, violent, or whatever other negative stereotype you hold about them. Many will have those characteristics, but that's certainly not the energy you want to bring into your life.

masculine energy can be about conflict

2. Find Some Human Male Role Models For Masculine Energy

There are thousands of negative stories about men out there, but there are good men, too. Consider Mr. Rogers – the epitome of un-toxified masculinity. Mr. Rogers had some seriously good masculine energy, and I'm sure you can connect to those ideals through your meditation and worship.

Spend some time brainstorming other great role models and what you love about them. Write a list in your Book of Shadows so that you can refer back to it and identify what type of masculine energy you want to channel for the day. This can really help you come to terms with the duality of masculine energy.

3. Ask Your Patron Deity For Help With Masculine Energy

If you connect to a specific god or goddess, consider asking them for help. Your gods can help connect you to the masculine energy that works for you. So, they may have some suggestions! Maybe you'll start seeing new books about pantheons or new TV shows with gods in them. Someone will start speaking to you.

You can also just browse lists of popular deities to connect with and ask for help. Odin is a good one for this. He's been through tons of stories and adventures. Odin can connect you with many types of masculinity. Any of the “father gods” are, to be honest. They have a lot of energy, memories, and stories built up that you can draw on as you go on your journey.

4. Read A Book On Mythology

If you find that it's difficult to connect with people or gods, maybe start by checking out a book from the library. Mythology is a big key to connect with masculine energy because many of the mythology books out there contain stories about these gods from many different cultures.

Your local librarian would love to help you find a book on mythology. So would your local bookstore. Browsing stories from other cultures about their gods is a great way to take a 20,000 foot view on what masculinity has meant through time, and what it may mean for you.

ancient gods are good sources of masculine energy

5. Just Relax.

There is no right way to connect to your masculine energy. But, it doesn't matter if you're 100% feminine or the manliest man you could ever be. We all have our own journeys with the masculine energy. Sometimes, it looks different from what our friends may do, see, or feel.

Remember, all that matters is that you connect with your masculine energy in the way that works for you. So relax, clear your mind, and connect to what you feel inside. After all, it may take time for it to come to fruition, but every journey starts with one step!

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