How Witchcraft Helped Me Find My Way Through COVID-19

When we are children, a lot of us aren't so lucky to be able to choose what our belief system is, or what the belief system is of those who raise us. Sometimes people have good experiences growing up with a certain religion. Others have more trouble being content with what's taught to them and it can even cause distress in their life. I was one of the unlucky ones, and the religion I was exposed to caused more harm than good to my well-being and mental health. I'm so glad that witchcraft helped me find a better way to live.

When I discovered the Wiccan belief, it felt like a burden was lifted off my shoulders that organized religion had placed there. Being Wiccan has given me a joy in life that I never had with Christianity.

Growing Up In A Christian Household Hurt Me

When I was younger, I remember going to church with my grandparents twice every Sunday and on Wednesday evenings. My grandmother was the music director, and my grandfather was a deacon. Everyone saw them as “perfect Christians” who always dedicated everything in their life to the word of God. 

As I grew older, I always seemed to have more questions about God and everything that is written out in the bible than everyone else did. I never got any answers that satisfied me. If anything, it just created more questions and confusion for my young developing brain, while everyone around me was content with the answers they were given and it was easy for them to believe everything in the bible as fact.

I remember hearing things like: 

  • “We are nothing without God.”
  • “We don't deserve his love and mercy, but he gave it to us anyway.”
  • “If we don't follow his word we will suffer for all eternity in Hell.” 
  • “We must submit everything in our life to him, without him, we wouldn't exist.”

As a young child, a lot of these things being told to me were terrifying, and growing up it messed with my self-esteem and self-worth.

Finding Witchcraft Helped Me Navigate My Feelings

Fast forward to my 18th year of life, I was at church camp, like every summer before then. That first night, listening to the pastor, every word that came out of his mouth was utter BS to me, and that night I decided that I didn't believe in anything that had been taught to me for the last 18 years.

The rest of that week was a drag and I was certainly excited to head home after it was over so I could tell my family that I no longer believed and I don't think I ever really did, to begin with.

It wasn't until much later in my life that I discovered the wonders of witchcraft, last year during the pandemic to be specific. While Covid was running rampant through our communities, and filled many of us with stress and worry, I was locked up in my house trying to learn as much as I possibly could about my newfound beliefs and how it could help me navigate all these negative feelings I had at the time. 

witchcraft helped me navigate through stress

Modern Witchcraft Helped Me Take The Leap

With apps like TikTok, I had seen small clips of other practicing witches sharing what they loved about their practice. From spells to witches’ bottles to shiny rocks, Tiktoks about all things witchcraft were taking over my feed and I was becoming more intrigued with every video I came across.

After many weeks of scouring for resources, I learned that people practice witchcraft in many different ways. I think that’s what drew me to it, the fact that you can practice in the way YOU feel most comfortable. 

“Wicca For Life: The Way of the Craft-From Birth to Summerland” was one of the first books I bought introducing me to the world of witchcraft. It was written by Raymond Buckland who was a very prominent figure in the Wiccan community, and in this book, he states many times that you can change anything to suit your needs in your practice. You can even make your own rituals, or change existing ones to better suit you.

witchcraft helped me find purpose in life, and reading helped too

Witchcraft Helped Me — It May Be The Push You're Waiting For

There isn't one way to believe, there isn't one way to practice, and you don't have to do anything that you don't feel secure with like some other religions try to dictate (or they point fingers and say you aren't a true believer) 

Do you…

  • Think rocks are pretty and they can help you manifest certain feelings? Go for it.
  • Like to study the stars and the way they influence us? Have fun discovering!
  • Want to pick a bunch of flowers and put them in bottles? Don't hesitate. 

If you have been feeling stuck in what was taught to you, or what you have found in life, take this as a sign to learn more about the amazing world of Witchcraft and what it can bring to your wellbeing. If you aren't sure where to start, join our newsletter for anything and everything you need to know about the basics of witchcraft and always be open to more knowledge. You can also check out some existing blogs like this one about what Wicca means.

Love always, Raine — A practicing witch who is still learning more every day.

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