The WITCHYVERSE is a project that began over fifteen years ago. We're a spirituality and lifestyle blog that's focused on helping you find the sacred in your every day life.

As witches, writers and artists, we've seen how magic can change lives. We know that the ancient arts of witchcraft are not only relevant today but also vital to our everyday survival. Sure, our tools may have changed, but our spirit remains the same.

Our goal is to share what's inspired us most in our own lives, help you reach the next stage of your practice, and find ways to bring more magic into our world.

We hope you find all of this as interesting as we do, and that your spirit will be lifted by what you read here. We're not just witches, but part-time people too.


the witchyverse can be your home away from home


We are a pagan blog, but many of us identify with the Wiccan path, and so, providing helpful and educational resources about Wicca is something that we've committed to doing.

Please note that we will try to include as many views as possible. After all, not everyone practices the same form of Wicca. Our views are not the one-and-true way. Then again, that's the beauty of Wicca and paganism.


There are so many resources out there about spellwork, and not enough resources actually teaching you to do it. And so, we aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice with our spellwork series.

Use us as a resource for brainstorming your own spells, transforming your life, and tweaking what you've got to make it better. The possibilities are endless.


Although meditation isn't purely a pagan practice, it is important to many Pagans and Wiccans. It's also somewhat overlooked – and we're here to change that. Being present in the moment can have profound impacts on your sense of spirituality and belonging in this big world.

Again – many places will provide text about meditation, but fail to actually give good practical advice. We bridge the gap between theory and practice to make sure that you're actually able to meditate when and where you want.


We're human and we have an innate desire to make things. Be it food, tools, or crafts – your creativity brings us joy. Join us as we explore how to incorporate magick into our sacred food, tools, and crafts.

Check out our Craft & Cook series to take part in magical cooking rituals, witchy recipes, and great craft ideas.


One of the best things about what we do is connecting with nature. This blog has always been focused on finding spirituality in our natural world, and this won't change anytime soon. We help you get specific with your worship: find the god or goddess that speaks most to you, celebrate each of the eight major holidays, and find your sacred space even in the urban jungle.


Paganism is inherently social. We're all connected – but this doesn't mean that we always treat each other with kindness. Wherever there is oppression, we will be there to fight it. Wherever there is ignorance, we will combat it with knowledge. And wherever our siblings suffer, we will show up.

We will always encourage you to act. Paganism isn't about reading a book and doing magick in the privacy of our own homes. It's about finding our way through this mad world and being the best version of ourselves.

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