What does a hummingbird omen mean? Great things to come

October 22, 2021

Here in New York, there is only one species of Hummingbird. Yet, in the tropics, flitting through all levels of forest in Costa Rica, you see hummingbirds hustling about their duties. We were blessed with the opportunity on our travels to visit a hummingbird garden. We got to watch the hummingbirds fight and challenge each other at the feeders for at least an hour in the dim light of the setting sun. A hummingbird omen is a great thing. Let's find out more.

Hummingbirds are some of nature's more vibrant creatures, flitting around from here to there with barely a pause for breath. A hummingbird omen is reminding you to slow down - that even when life is hitting you fast, it's time to take a deep breath. 

green hummingbird omen sits on a branch

How do hummingbirds show up in your life?

Hummingbirds and the plants that are their food supply have a very intimate, dependent relationship. Without the hummingbirds, those vibrant red flowers with their deeply cupped shape would not be able to reproduce. And without the carb-loaded sweet nectar found within the depths of those flowers, the hummingbirds would not be able to survive the night. 

Hummingbirds can't just sit on the couch and survive - they need to eat regularly, every few hours at minimum, to be able to survive. So, when you see a hummingbird, what does it mean? First off, it means that you're someplace warm! Hummingbirds can't survive in cold weather. But more importantly, seeing a hummingbird will always give you pause. 

They're bright, they move like magical creatures. Hummingbirds should make us stop and think about the fleeting nature of life and death. Hummingbirds represent change in its ultimate form: it's quick, it's unexpected, and it's gone before you know it. A hummingbird flying past your head will help you pay attention real quick. 

If you're an urban dweller, then it may be difficult for you to connect with your local wildlife - or any wildlife at all. But there are ways to connect! One of the most accessible ways to connect is through backyard bird-watching. Or better yet, feeding backyard birds. Hummingbirds can use all the help we can offer.

Hummingbird symbolism: Joy and Playfulness

When you're able to sit and watch hummingbirds for a while, you realize that it's not all life and death. Hummingbirds seem to embody the true meaning of life: movement, and action - joy, and playfulness. You've got quite the cold, dead heart if you don't experience even a small flicker of joy when you see a hummingbird. 

I believe that hummingbirds are here to remind us about the fleeting and wonderful nature of life. The only constant thing in life, after all, is change. What better to remind us of this than hummingbirds, creatures who constantly need to move and eat to survive. Their surroundings are always changing. They have to find new flowers. Imagine if we pushed our own boundaries like that?

hummingbirds playing together

Is a dead hummingbird a bad omen?

Hummingbirds use so much energy during the day that sometimes they fall into a near-death state, called torpor, at night to conserve their energy. Can you imagine running yourself so near death everyday that you're not really sure if you'll be able to get your heart working in the morning?

Sadly, hummingbirds live precariously because of their metabolism. Sometimes, hummingbirds can't make it if they haven't gotten enough food, or if they've reached the end of their lifespan. Death isn't bad, it simply is

If you find an incapacitated hummingbird, you can try to feed it and see if it wakes up. Hummingbirds do best with a 3:1 sugar water ratio, no food coloring added. You may also call a local wildlife rehabber to help you with the hummingbird. 

Can a hummingbird be my spirit animal?

If you're Native American, then yes - a hummingbird may be your spirit animal. If you're not indigenous, though, you'll need to find a different term. Some people use "patronus", which can be problematic for other reasons. Words like "spirit guide" and "animal totem" are equally reserved for Native Americans and First Nations people. We recommend using "focal animal" or even just "spiritual friend" - these terms are not as likely to impede on Native American cultures. 

Regardless of terminology, hummingbirds make excellent guides for humans in reflection and meditation. They remind us that the only constant in life is change, and to not be afraid of it. When we're able to sit with hummingbirds, we can learn how to cope with death. We can choose life for ourselves every day - it's one of the best things we can do.

What is the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird omen?

In many legends, a hummingbird represents a messenger between the world of the living and the world of the dead. This is because they travel so fast that they seem to disappear and reappear before our eyes. 

So, if you have a recently deceased friend or relative, a hummingbird may be trying to pass you a message of comfort and peace while you're grieving. Or perhaps, just trying to trigger a fond memory. 

What is this hummingbird trying to tell me?

Slow down! Humans are not hummingbirds - we're not meant to go back and forth for hours at maximum speed. It works for the hummingbirds. It doesn't work for us.

Persevere! There is something to be said about the perseverance of these little birds with their flashy colors and quick moves, but they are made for their job. They don't falter, they don't quit, and neither should you.

Be intentional! We learn to take life one step at a time from these little creatures, some of which are no bigger than the size of your hand. Imagine being that small and covering so much territory. We can only do that with good, intentional planning.

What does a green hummingbird omen mean?

Green hummingbirds are common - as far as hummingbirds go, but that doesn't make them any less special. The color green symbolizes growth, money, and some serious earth energy. If you see a green hummingbird, you may need to ground yourself. Feel the earth between your toes; feel the wind upon your brow.

A green hummingbird could also mean that you're close to a pay off. You've been working hard in some aspect of your life, and you're about to reap the rewards. So keep your head down, keep working. You'll get there.

Photo of green hummingbird perched on red branch

What does a blue hummingbird signify?

Blue hummingbirds are rare. If you see one, pay attention because it's likely that you're in an elevated place. Or, your thoughts have a tendency to wander and a blue hummingbird is bringing you back down to earth with some humble thoughts.

Blue also represents water, emotions, and the West - mourning, loss, and end of season. If you're seeing blue around you, it may be time to reflect on the winter season that you're in or will soon be approaching. Remember, to have a sunrise, we need the sun to set first. Death and loss aren't bad, they're just a necessary part of life.

Blue hummingbird on brown tree branch
Photo by Pintu Saikia Sonowal on Pexels

What does it mean when I see a red hummingbird?

Red hummingbirds are the ultimate good luck charm. If you see one, consider yourself blessed with some pretty solid karma coming your way. Hummingbirds with red on them are somewhat common, and they represent the fire and fury of life at its peak.

Red represents fire, passion, and the South - the height of life, summer, and vibrancy. If you're seeing red around you, you may be in the middle of changing times. You may be full of life, in the middle of a move, or having other major life changes. Ride the wave and you'll find the other side just fine.

A red hummingbird flying

What does a white hummingbird omen mean?

White hummingbirds are the most rare. If you see one, it means that you've tapped into another dimension. It's like the white light at the end of a tunnel - there is more to this world than we can see or understand, but if we open our eyes and minds, we'll find it all around us.

White hummingbirds only exist because of mutations and albinism. In other words - white hummingbirds are really special. White hummingbirds rarely live a long time, because their color can make them a target. So value the moment you have and carve it into your memory.

10 comments on “What does a hummingbird omen mean? Great things to come”

  1. I'm assuming that the omen related to a hummingbird that you've held would be entirely dependent on your meditation towards the subject. What do you think it symbolized? What lessons does the hummingbird have for you to learn? Why did the hummingbird interact with you like that?

  2. What does a dead hummingbird in a black bacg with pictures of someone mean? My mother was a witch...and I found this when I clean her room after she passed. What do I do wioth it? An old Gypsy told me, my mother was wishing death on that person in the picture....is a dead hummingbird an omen of death. Sorry, I have many questions and no one who wishes to answer them. And now my mom is gone and I can't learn from her. I was told to bury it in a christian cemetery to break evil spell. ??? My mom was a good witch. I think! Any info would be better than none at all. I need to put this to rest before my dog eats it.

    1. Olga - I realize the delay in this answer, but just in case you still were subscribed, I wanted to mention something. In many legends, the hummingbird is a messenger between worlds, and it is possible your mother was trying to connect with the person in the photograph. I would have advised other than Falconrider and told you not to dispose of it. The hummingbird is a powerful totem and amulet and it can bring many good things. It is a shame you disposed of it - well I shouldn't use the word "shame" - I am not saying you should be ashamed, but there are many people who would have been happy to have it!

      I am glad you treated it respectfully and gave it a burial spot. I have much more information on hummingbirds and their symbolism if you still have questions.

      I just came across this forum looking for more information because I found a dead hummingbird this evening.


  3. Olga - no one can properly answer that. Magic is in the hands of the user. It could be coincidental, it could be any number of things.

    If you feel that it had some intention to it, you can bury it or toss it away from you as a way of releasing yourself from its influence. But we are not in a Christian fairytale, and burying it in a Christian graveyard won't really do anything - unless you believe it will.

    How can you tell it was a hummingbird? Was it recently dead? Preserved? If your mother's gone, I doubt that what you do with it will have any lasting impact on the world. Treat it with respect, but dispose of it how you will. Forget about it. Attention goes where energy flows - and if you keep focusing your attention on it, you may worsen the entire matter.

  4. Thank you for your response. The hummingbird is preserved and still beautiful, even though dry. I will bury the little thing in a flowerbed of it's choice. I have great regards for life. That is why I heal. My mother and I were complete opposits in these works. I will also find a home for the rest of her dried body parts and pcs......Thank you. Blessed be. Olga

  5. I have twin boys with Autism and was speaking to my Mother in law about how she had seen the hummingbird outside her window give birth to two eggs right before my twins were concieved. Also, a hummingbirds were seen outside my window for my other girls right before each of their concievments. Your thoughts??

    1. Hummingbirds remind us to live life to our fullest, but hold a little back for ourselves. My guess is that the hummingbirds, which you seem to be associated with, are reminding you to do your best, but save some time for yourself. Perhaps, also, given the contemplative nature of your questions, they're reminding you to value your family and what you have. Autism is an interesting state - I wouldn't even necessarily call it a disease, although it is a disability in our current day and age. Listen to and care for your children, and I'm sure they'll be teaching you more about those hummingbirds every day. My personal totem tends to be the red tail hawk - it gives me comfort, and reminds me to see things in the bigger picture. I hope your family is well, and Blessed Be

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