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January 8, 2013

How I make primal work for me

So, today is the seventh of January (this will post on the eighth).  I wanted to give you an update on how I've been doing primal wise.

I decided to start trying paleo on the second (that Wednesday).  I made it Weds and Thurs without a problem.  Friday, I made some poor choices, but they're defensible.

My problem was that my Hungarian neighbor made a special batch of these little treats she calls snowballs, just for me!  These treats are obviously bad diet choices, but come New Year's day, I still had about twenty of them.  Now, I hate wasting food more than anything else in the world, and I knew they were going bad soon, and so, I decided to delay my gluten free and primal choices until those were done.  There were three left, this morning, and I threw them out.  I also disposed of the tail end of our Christmas cookies.  And with that, the holidays are over.

Truth be told, I'm actually still snacking on the food that I prepared last Sunday for paleo.  I made six jars of salad (I've had three) and cut up about three pounds of ham.  I ate all of my tuna salad (I'll feature it someday, but: tuna, apples, celery, and mayo.  Yum!) and made some more.  I've had eggs or just skipped breakfast on some days.  I've eaten through two packages of bacon (with the boyfriend).  2 roasted chickens (one I made myself, one, I bought for $6 at the store).  I finished a jar of peanut butter so that I could buy some that just had "peanuts" and "salt" as the ingredients.  I've gone through two batches of celery.  I made stir fry with peppers, broccoli, and chicken.

As you can tell, this lifestyle certainly makes you use your food.

Upcoming for this week, I've got the rest of the ham, and I have some ground beef and pork in the fridge.  I'll be making bunless burgers probably tonight, fried pork chops tomorrow.  I'll finish up the week with another chicken, either bought or home-roasted.  And I'll have to buy some more salad stuff over the weekend for next week.

I've found that you need the veggies, because if you're just snacking on meat... it kinda sucks.  The meat gets old after four or five bites; and since the primal lifestyle removes grains, you take a break on veggies.  For example, right now, I've got a ham steak I'm munching on, and breaking it up with bites of salad.

Keep me accountable, guys!  If I don't post about the primal lifestyle for a while, please leave a comment and demand to know why I quit!  I want to live this way because I want to eliminate my migraines; I want to live healthier.  I want to perform better in soccer.

And you know what?  I have close to zero cravings for wheat.  Every time I ate a food with wheat over the weekend, I found it wasn't as satisfying as I wanted it to be.  The Christmas cookies weren't really cutting it for me.  Nor were the "pizza logs," a specialty from New York (mozzarella, pepperoni, wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and deep fried).  Or the mac and cheese bites, another specialty (mac and cheese, breaded and fried).

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