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May 6, 2011

Kitchen / Crafty Witch: Making a God's Eye

I'm sure you've seen this many other places, but I just wanted to remind you of something that you may have done as a child: Making a God's Eye.

Take two sticks and some yard (or other materials).  Make the sticks into a cross and wrap the yarn around it as many times as you can, working your way outward.  Hopefully, this will form a rectangle.  You can use different colored yarn or any number of objects.

This relatively simple project doesn't seem very spiritual.  But, you can use it as an exercise in meditation, focusing on something you want done (a prayer) or brought into your life as you do it.  You could chant your intentions as you wrap, around and around.  And then, you can hang it somewhere, to remind yourself of what you've done!

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