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July 29, 2008

Let's Talk About Lammas

Lughnassadh/Lammas is probably one of my favorite holidays.  Well, they're all favorites.  But this particular upcoming holiday has warm and fuzzy feelings associated with it.

Lammas is the height of summer.  A lot of times here in upstate New York, the last sabbat, Litha, gets rained out.  Or its freezing.  But this holiday - it usually actually feels like summer.

Lammas is all about Passion.  Passion for what you love and passion to try new things.  To me, it is about being and becoming yourself in the deepest possible ways.  It is about remembering to enjoy this life that you're given.

It's also the bread festival, and one of the festivals which can mark the death of the God, depending on which tradition you follow with.

In the tradition of Jesus(or perhaps, the other way around) - Lugh the sun god of the Celts gives his life too maintain life and sunlight on the earth.  Beyond that, in Wiccan and a lot of earth and goddess centered traditions, the Goddess is growing more and more pregnant.  At Yule, she will give birth, thereby completing the cycle of birth/death/rebirth.

Practically, it is the bread festival.  The wheat is harvested - if you hadn't noticed - and bread is made and celebrated, signalling the first harvest.  For those of you that follow along a goal setting path, this is the first harvest - that time to harvest your physical gifts which you have worked so hard for.

So how do we celebrate?  For those of us completely in the closet - making your own bread(there is yeastless bread and easy-to-make bread for those inept in a kitchen, like myself) and maybe your own mead(alcoholic or non-alcoholic) are quiet ways to note the passing.

Incorporating those actions into ritual and dance, and perhaps taking time to drive down some country roads are other, equally respectable ways to celebrate the passing of this particular holiday.

However you celebrate on August 1st, may it be a safe and happy holiday.

Blessed Be!

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